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How to Join the Gisborne RSA

Print our membership form... Gisborne RSA Membership Form ...and fill in your details.
You need to be proposed and seconded by two financial members of the Gisborne RSA.
If you are new to the district, or do not know two members, please contact the Secretary, who will assist you.

You can pay your full membership fee immediately, or on receipt of your letter of acceptance.
We welcome new members and do our best to ensure that the surroundings of all our patrons are pleasant and safe.

Membership – All persons of the community can join the Gisborne RSA - you do not need to be a returned or passed service man or women.

RSA Membership

RSA members belong to a nationwide voluntary welfare organisation committed to the rich tradition of comradeship and community service that characterises the RSA
All members are welcome to visit and enjoy the recreational facilities of RSAs throughout the country, take part in social and sporting events, or simply relax in congenial surroundings close to home.

Who may join?

Membership applications are invited from all ages, who are either citizens or permanent residents of New Zealand or any other Commonwealth country. Our membership is divided into five categories – Returned, Service, Associate, Youth and Women’s Section.


Membership of the RSA brings a range of benefits: easy access to welfare and pensions advice; social and sporting opportunities; member only promotions from financial institutions and other companies. You also belong to other Affiliated RSA’s and Chartered Clubs.

The Gisborne RSA welcomes new members...